Menar Academy a project of Vuslat Bayoglu’s Menar Holdings company has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for Journalists and journalism students to learn from the mining experts and senior journalists.

Ms. Mohale from Department of Mineral Resources said, “I think it was a great session, very vibrant. We had looked at it from a political economy perspective, from the socio economy, socio-political perspective and the one from an almost hard-nosed economic market driven.”

“Even though women don’t find too much of diamond but still they do better than if they ware to work in the caring sector, domestic work and even security guards”, said Dr Salimah Valiani of Mistra.

Peter Major, Investment Analyst said, “What I need you guys for is to get the message out there in clear simple understandable terms. God has given this country more minerals than any country in the world and so we can’t let it die.”

Siphiwe Tame – Menar Academy, “I feel like the achievement is not about what we have been able to achieve but trainees gaining experience. And also the speakers seemed to enjoy being here as well.”

A Journalism student said, “This was a very special day. And this journalism training has been an eye opener.”

On the second day, the trainees were taken to Phalanndwa Colliery in Mpumalanga. Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Allan Mabbett,who is the General Manager of Phalanndwa Colliery mine. After the presentation of the profile of the company, and safety tips, they all took got into their safety garments and shoes. From there onwards, the boot hit the ground, the mind grasped information from the unit managers, who were friendly and welcoming. They really know their story. If you are not sure about your career you could end up deciding to jump ship and join the company, but we locals won’t allow the company to hire you because you don’t belong to that community.


By Joe Cele

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