Menar is a private investment company that is primarily focused on investing in the mineral resources and energy sectors. We allocate capital to carefully selected projects and companies that are actively involved in mining. Wherever we invest, we are driven by rational, hands-on and efficient allocation of capital to create value for all stakeholders.


We invest in new mining projects and in established companies where we use our knowledge to ensure the business operations deliver superior earnings within a reasonable period.

We typically invest in companies which have clear business models, strong position in value chain, good margins and strong prospects for cash generation.

We work with stakeholders to build commercially viable models to build thriving business operations.

We insist on experienced management teams who partner with us in sharing risks and rewards of ownership. Our approach aligns all stakeholders in the value creation process.

We prefer to be a substantial shareholder with the ability to influence the business trajectory of investee companies.

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    Menar’s investments are targeted at sectors in which we have built relevant knowledge, experience and capabilities. Our investment strategy is focused on long-term value creation. This is applicable in both our organic growth plans and acquisitions. We continuously invest in searching for global investment sales opportunities for our products.

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    We aim to deliver long-term capital growth, while preserving shareholder capital. This we do by investing without the constraints of a formal benchmark. When necessary, we adjust our goals to ensure we deliver increases in capital value in excess of the relevant indices over time.

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    Our strategy is driven by our desire to invest across a wide range of assets and to build a strong international portfolio with South Africa as the focal point. We seek to ensure that wherever they operate our investee companies are aligned with Menar’s commitment to balance capital growth-driven goals with applicable regulations and national socio-economic goals. We regularly review this alignment.

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    We participate in markets where there are strong capital growth opportunities based on our rigorous assessments of investment opportunities. We also carefully manage exposure to various currencies. The ultimate goal is to ensure consistent capital growth over the long term and implementation of mitigating measures against risks of potential capital loss.