Menar is a private investment company with investments in multiple commodities

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    Coal can be used for multiple purposes including electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and liquid fuels.


    Metallurgical coal is used primarily for industrial purposes such as steel manufacturing and thermal coal for electricity generation.


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    Anthracite is a naturally high carbon, clean burning solid fuel with a typical sulphur content of less than 0.7% and volatile matter of between 4% and 6%.


    Anthracite is the cleanest burning solid fuel on the commercial market today. It also has a lower sulphur content than some heavy fuel oils.


    Anthracite uses range from residential and commercial to industrial carbon and water filtration media.


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    The manganese rich Kalahari Basin, in the Northern Cape province of South Africa is host to 80% of the world’s manganese ore body.


    Manganese has numerous applications which impact on our daily lives as consumers. The main uses are in industrial and metallurgical applications. Manganese is essential to the production of steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, batteries and a variety of chemicals.


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    Nickel is a naturally-occurring metallic element; principally as oxides, sulphides and silicates.


    Nickel is used for a wide range of applications as it resists corrosion, such as, to plate other metals so as to protect them, for stainless steel production and is also commonly used to produce coins.


    Nickel is also used in batteries, including rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries used in hybrid vehicles.