As a responsible corporate entity that encourages the sharing of knowledge and promotion of education, Menar has established an annual Mining Journalism Training (MJT) programme for journalists and student journalists, who want to gain exposure to the mining industry.

MJT forms part of Menar Academy and brings together mining experts and senior mining journalists to share their knowledge and insights with the next generation of young journalists.

The mining industry is one of the oldest sectors of the South African economy and affects the daily lives of many. Therefore, Menar believes it is very important for members of the media and future journalists to be well equipped with knowledge and an in-depth understanding of mining to correctly report the facts and complex nuances of the industry.

Members of the Fourth Estate Media are integral to ensuring the sustainability and accountability of the mining industry by contributing to meaningful public discourse. Therefore, reporters have to be acquainted not only with the jargon used in the mining industry but the technical, environmental, financial and legal aspects of the sector.